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Another week of it being hot and next week looks much much hotter. Grrr. Thankfully we've got air conditioning in our studio, so I've been working in the office more so this week to escape the heat at home!

I'll use a cricketing analogy. Whilst it's still awfully quiet from a new enquiry perspective, our conversion rate has been exceptional, so the run rate continues to tick along. This week so far we've welcomed two new clients to our ranks thus far which is excellent for us and keeps our guys VERY busy! Across the board it seems to be the same. Click-through rates are down around a third on most websites we manage, and this has happened in the main since the Jubilee weekend. This is both organic and paid for traffic so it proves that key words are just not being searched on Google as much as they were a short while ago. I put it down to the holiday season in the main, but people are clearly nervous at the minute about spending money so with that in mind, the answer is simple... we have to up the ante in terms of looking outside the box when it comes to keywords that we look to target in order to generate more traffic to our website. Work in progress as they say!

We are continuing to develop our business plan to ramp things up once the summer holiday season is behind us. In the meantime, though, David and myself are busy using this relative quiet time to properly engage and to formulate plans and ideas as to how we take Seventy9 forward in the short-medium term. I think it's fair to say that we are both very motivated to shake things up quite a bit and to add new resource to our team in the next three months. 'Exciting times' as they say....

Back home, this week's main event has been the safe arrival of our first grandchild. Rex arrived in the early hours of Monday morning. It's fair to say that we haven't really focused on much else since (I'm writing this on Thursday, so he's only 3 days old!) - we do have a joint birthday party to attend this coming Saturday though which we are looking forward to. Just two weeks before the football season starts!

Have a great weekend, try to not moan about 'being too hot' (especially Monday and Tuesday next week) - and if I survive the heat myself I'll be back this time next week!

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