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Project Manager/Content Marketing at Seventy9

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As a Project Manager of course I’m going to say yes; as a client you’re going to think I’m just trying to upsell you further services.

You have a shiny new website that you are proud of. It looks great, the user experience is well thought out and the functionality works perfectly. Enquiries are coming through regularly as a result of you pushing your featured content across all your social platforms and working with our Digital Marketing team.

Six months on, you get that call – did you receive my email? No. You search and you find suddenly emails are going into your junk folder.

Do you know your quote form isn’t working? Embarrassing...

Through no fault of your own a plugin hasn’t been updated, a piece of html has failed (not met a developer yet that doesn’t say “well it works on my machine”), or somehow the website has been hacked.

The code behind your website is ever evolving which means that if you ignore it for any length of time, it will go out of date.

But you’re not worried because you can give us a call, send us an email and we will normally get everything fixed within a short period of time.

Oh, you don’t have a maintenance agreement? That will be a £75 +VAT minimum charge – even if it only takes us 3 minutes to get the plugin working again.

We offer several different levels of maintenance agreement that are packaged within website support; so not just maintaining the website but also covering plugin updates, security packages, your hosting with email, domain names and SSL certificate. This is all alongside our regular website checks which ensure your website is up to date and live, safe to use and functionality is working perfectly – after all do you have time to check your contact form is actually working?

AND, as we are a digitally-led design agency, we also take a lot of notice about what the Google developers are doing and checking their long list of requirements for a good indexing website. These seem to change almost daily – their development team is huge! So there will always be some under the bonnet stuff going on too.

PLUS, if you take out a GOLD agreement you get studio time added too; including smaller projects in content creation, social media images and copywriting.

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