The ramblings from a director of a digital agency Part 22


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Director at Seventy9

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It's now getting very hot and the cars in our office's carpark are starting to get back down to lockdown levels! It does seem that remote working steps up when the sun starts shining!

It's been a fairly busy week here at Seventy9. Busy in the sense of welcoming two new clients to our ranks and also from a production perspective... we have a number of website projects VERY close to completion so hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can share a few links on my blog with you all.

Last week I mentioned that my business partner at Seventy9 Creative and myself are in the midst of a number of discussions as we look to restructure the business and increase our service offerings. These continue to be fruitful, and we will be presenting these ideas to Jo (our Project and Office manager) next week. We plan to introduce a bit of a shake up as we try to take Seventy9 to the next level. I think it's always important to have fresh projects and to put pressure on yourself. I have a term for it which is 'it keeps me honest'. I am a very 'fidgety' person who gets bored very quickly, so helping implement these ideas into practice will keep me mentally stimulated which after 2.5 years of 'much the same' is very much needed. We have been very successful as a business throughout the pandemic and the period after it which we are now in... but that has led to a 'smoothness' that I was previously not used to! I actually need some problems to deal with... but 'good ones' please!!

Overall though, and from a new sales enquiries level, things remain still much quieter than we are used to. I think with all the government shenanigans and the doom and gloom messages the media are plastering us with regards to the economy, we are very much talking ourselves into a recession. People are nervous to spend. You then add the holiday season into the pot, and it's pretty obvious why it is so quiet. I'm convinced things will pick back up as soon as we head out of the summer months. I've said it before in recent years... what we need, is a World Cup or something where the media concentrate on that for a month and 'forget' everything else that is happening. Even if you don't like football, I can guarantee you that come November and December it will be the media's main focus and everything else will be pushed out of the limelight. So, with that in mind, bring it on. Sadly, we've now got three more months of listening to who is going to be the next Prime Minister and why each candidate shouldn't win the race. Best to just switch off the news and enjoy the sunshine I reckon...

Work aside, we had a first viewing of our house yesterday. Fingers crossed. This weekend we will be taking my father-in-law out for his 70th birthday party, so a much needed weekend at home. It's not often these days we spend a weekend at home so it will give me the chance to catch up on a few things. Or more realistically, have a very long couple of lie ins followed by 'vegging out' on the sofa during the afternoons! It's also tick tock time as we await our first grandchild. He is due on the 14th of July so any day now really. Enjoy the searing temperatures, try not to moan too much about being hot and unable to sleep properly and take care of yourselves. I'll write more dribble next week!


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