The ramblings from a director of a digital agency Part 21


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Since I wrote last week's blog, I've had some extremely positive conversations with one of my business partners and Co Director of Seventy9 Creative. We are in the process of formulating a business plan to push Seventy9 'up to the next level' which will incorporate more service offerings, an internal juggle of current resource and perhaps shifting responsibility of certain day to day tasks throughout the team. This needs to be done in order to be able to prioritise the recruitment process. They will not be easy discussions and decisions to make but ultimately will put Seventy9 in a stronger position going forward as we continue to try and adapt to market trends which in our industry are extremely fluent.

In what has been the last week of the first six months of the year, things are still pretty quiet out there but we have had a slight uptick in enquiries this week compared to the period since the Jubilee (which is when it started to go very quiet) so hopefully it's just been a 'blip' and things will start to kick on again during the coming months. Historically though July and August are our quietest two months for new projects and then things really start kicking off once the holiday season is over. Q4 is ALWAYS our busiest period by far! That said, we've got plenty of work to keep our guys busy so no concerns, but we always try and work several months ahead of ourselves like I guess most businesses do. If I look at our numbers (I do a rolling 12-month breakdown), all departments are at their highest levels they have ever been at but it's got to be said that the curve has flattened in the couple of months hence why we are making the changes necessary now in order to continue our upward trajectory.

One project that has been completed this week is an ecommerce website - Solatio Shoes. Some great shoes on there, I will definitely be buying a pair in September time. They will look great in Hemsby where our holiday home is situated - the capital of rock 'n roll!!

A pair of Solatio Shoes

My wife Carrie has this week also contributed with a blog - so please check that one out. Social Media is a key area we are really looking to vastly push and have excellent resource in so please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how we can help you with your own social platforms. I try to avoid giving things a plug when I write these blogs so on this occasion, please forgive me! :)

Outside of work, this weekend we are back to Hemsby as we continue to enjoy as much time as possible in wonderful Norfolk. We have also been busy looking at houses but obviously await progress on our own house sale before we can start to book actual viewings. I refuse to get emotionally attached to a property that we can't put an offer on!!! So online and ‘outside only' viewings at the minute for us! I've been keeping an eye out on the tennis this week, but it's got to be said, I struggle to get 'really into it'. The cricket's been good, there's also the British Grand Prix to look forward to this weekend. But Saturdays without an actual football match to go to are starting to take their toll on yours truly... thankfully, not too much longer now before it all starts again!

Have a great weekend - I'll see you all at the start of the Great British Summer time next week!


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