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Hello again, and thanks for reading what is my final blog of the first half of 2022! Next week we will be entering the second half of the year, the days are now getting darker but after a number of internal conversations within the good ship Seventy9 I feel that the second half of the year will see significant changes to our business structure as we plan to really kick things on in a number of different areas.

Our Social Media department has recently been expanded and we are looking at ways to really move to the next level. Content creation and videography are areas that I would like us to stock up in resource wise as well. But before we get to that point, we need to agree a roadmap as to which areas we need to recruit in first and prioritise accordingly. A business plan needs to be drawn up and agreed on, then we can move forward very quickly and tackle quarters three and four 'full on'.

It’s fair to say that things are 'quiet' out there at the minute, I think many people are evaluating things and coming to terms with post covid and post Brexit 'economic changes' as well as 'behavioural changes'. We live in a very different world than we did three years ago - the best analogy I can use to demonstrate this is the turmoil that the travelling sector is currently experiencing. I watched a documentary about it on Thursday (23/6) and it was interesting to say the least. The perfect storm, as they say. Whose fault is it? Well, I can see both sides to it. The industry blaming the covid policies thrown at them by the government and the government saying that they made too many redundancies whilst being short-sighted as to how quick things would return to normal afterwards. I think both sides are right, and everyone needs to acknowledge this and look to the future ahead rather than what has happened to get us to this point.

Outside of work, it’s been a week of big change also. We have after 17 years of living there, put our house up for sale. Now or never... I’m 50 in September! :) Living in a village and a more rural setting has always appealed to my wife and I, so whilst more living space is a factor, it’s not a big one. Much more about location. So, we have started what could be a long, stressful but ultimately rewarding process of moving.

The Cobblers have made some (on paper at least) amazing signings, one of whom is a striker from Luton named Danny Hylton. Watch this space, next season! I am also back to playing regular squash (three times this week) with no recurrence of my tendonitis which is for me, an amazing feeling. I Just need to get my lungs working again properly (five games in, and they are about 50% to where they were two months earlier!) and I’ll be good to go for the summer league which starts in a couple of weeks...

Final note. My stepson and his partner are expecting their first child in the next 2-3 weeks. So anytime now, my wife and I will be first time grandparents. Hmmmm! We sponsored the travel system for him, however I topped that up earlier this week when I visited my favourite shop (pictured). Have a great week!

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