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Once again, thank you for reading my weekly blog! As the weathers got hotter, it definitely appears to be getting quieter. I think everyone must be on holiday. Things at the minute are running incredibly smoothly (probably the smoothest in our 17-year-long history), we are mostly up to date with projects (as far as we can take them without input from clients) and the phone isn't ringing. I know that because I've been sat in the office for most of this week covering our beloved Project Manager Jo whilst she is gallivanting watching various 1980's pop bands. So I apologise for the grammatical errors this week...I've got no one to proof read this!!!

It’s worth saying that the phone only rings normally when there’s an issue, most enquiries these days come to us electronically and there has been a steady flow of them still which is obviously good news for us. Our own digital marketing and AdWords must be working well...

I’m sure many of us are a little worried as to where the economy is heading in the coming months. Interest rates being hiked up to combat rapidly increasing inflation isn't good news for any of us. Which basically means (as I look at it) we have no choice to increase sales because costs are spiralling. This isn't the time to batten down the hatches.... it’s time to go 'all-out attack'!! :)

There's just 6 weeks to go until the football season. Its 32 degrees and once more we will be staying in our caravan again this weekend, joined by my Father-in-Law. The allotment is springing into life, I’m back playing squash again after a long injury and the Cobblers still haven't announced any new signings. Grrrr.

Enjoy the heatwave, I'll be back in a weeks’ time!

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