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Only a quick blog this week because quite frankly.... not a lot's happened! Typically, it's been a rather quiet week after the Bank Holiday weekend, as well as a short one. So not a lot to talk about from a business perspective.

I did spend some time earlier looking at our Google Analytics, and it was interesting to see that organic traffic to our site in the last 30 days versus March (as a comparison) was down about 50%. Significantly though so was the AdWords traffic... our daily budget spend hasn't been hit most of the time. So that provides proof that our site hasn't suddenly fallen off a cliff on Google rankings, it's purely down to the fact that fewer people are searching for digital agencies at the minute. Not massively surprising given we've had Easter and May Day Bank Holiday during that time but reassuring nonetheless.

I've said before that the enquiries that come our way are quite seasonal... October - March in the main. The other months things do quieten down somewhat. I will often blind you with science on here about this aspect of our business because it's the area that I focus on (new business) in the main. I find that it helps with planning; it tells me for instance when I should take my own holidays! When to 'hit the phones' etc. It's not rocket science, but I do try and take them when other people take theirs, mainly during school holidays, extensions of bank holidays etc.

I simply do not understand why (a lot of the time) people up their advertising and marketing during quiet times and then back off when they hit their peak times. Most sales processes will take a lengthy period of time from order through to delivery so for us it's a case of stacking up as much work as possible during those periods when people are looking for a new website/help with their marketing etc... ensuring that we have plenty of work on during the quieter periods. A balancing act for sure, but I think we get it about right most of the time!

The Lake District

This weekend I'm off to the Lake District. Not for the usual reasons why people will frequent this beautiful part of our country though. For us, it's to hopefully enjoy a promotion party! If the Cobblers beat Barrow then we get promoted. If we don't then the likelihood is the play-offs. I can't take the latter, so we better get the job done, as they say. My wife will be enjoying some afternoon drinks with one of her best friends whilst the rest of us are in the 'away end'. Saturday evening will either be brilliant or a damp squib.... Carrie has learned over the years that 'that is the way it is'!!!

Enjoy the sun...

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