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Established for over 15 years, with a Daventry based office, Seventy9 is a full service web and digital agency.

A well established and reputable Daventry website design business

During our time in Daventry we have built up a excellent reputation in creating and designing good quality websites. You can see some examples of our work in our portfolio section.

Part of the secret of our success is having some truly talented web designers and website developers here at our offices in Daventry, you will no doubt meet some of them if you come and see us!

Please get in touch if you want to see any further examples.


I want my website to be found on the internet by people in Daventry!

Your company's presence on the internet is very important - we know that because otherwise you would not be reading this! But it's not just about the website design, it's about the way it is optimised.

There is no point having a fantastic looking shop in the middle of a desert which nobody will ever find. Seventy9 will ensure your website is designed and built in a way to ensure your customers and potential customers will find it.

We bet you typed something in like website design in Daventry?

Try it for your own business; for example: plumber in Daventry.

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Please browse our portfolio and take a look at the different services we offer ranging from digital marketing to designing a logo or producing a video.

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