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Hi, I'm David Howes and welcome to Seventy9, specialists in website design in Corby. You have landed here from Google because our website is properly optimised.

I'm guessing that you are looking for a web designer, or some work to be done on your current website? If so then please get in-touch.

Our telephone number is 01536 764745 - ask to speak with either my business partner Shane Webster or myself direct… we would love to answer any questions that you may have about website design especially if you are in the Corby area and near to us.

A well established and reputable Corby website design business

Seventy9 has been based in the Corby area for over 10 years.

Being in Corby for that period of time we have built up a excellent reputation in creating and designing good quality websites in the area, you can see some examples of our work within the portfolio section

Part of the secret of our success is having some truly talented web designers & website developers here at our offices in Corby, you will no doubt meet some of them if you come and see us!

Please get in touch if you require any further examples.


I want my website to be found on the Internet by people in Corby!

Your company's presence on the Internet is very important - I know that because otherwise you would not be reading this! But its not just about the website design, its about the way it is optimised.

There is no point having a fantastic looking shop in the middle of a desert which nobody will ever find. So Seventy9 will ensure that your website is designed and built in a way to ensure that your customers and potential customers will find it.

I bet you typed something in like website design in Corby?

Try it for your own business; For example: Plumbers in Corby

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Web design in Corby: Make my website better than my competitors!

By working with our specialist web designers at Seventy9 you will leave your competitors in Corby behind with a very professionally designed website by great web designers.

From the initial design concept stage working closely with our web designers right through to putting the website live with our web developers we will manage the project fully on your behalf and hold your hand all the way through.

If you are looking for a fully mobile responsive website then we can provide one. If you are looking for a bespoke content managed website selling thousands of products then again we can build you one with our specialist website developers.

Or if it's just a very simple, 5 to 10 page web presence that you are seeking we would very much like to talk with you about it!

Call us now to discuss your requirements.

Making changes to my website with a CMS

Do you have the need to change your content on a fairly frequent basis? If so, then that's great news because virtually all of our websites are built on a state of the art content management system that our web developers here in Corby have built from the ground upwards.

This allows you to fully manage your website, so there will be no need to contact us (or any other web design business) once the website is online because you will be able to make all of the changes to it that you want to yourselves!

Interested? Please telephone or email Seventy9 right now


I want to deal with a local website design company in or near Corby

Most of our clients are based in and around the Corby, Northamptonshire area. Corbyis and always will be our focus in providing a great website design and development service locally.

We are more than happy to provide references to many Corby based businesses that we have served for many years and who remain very pleased with our service. Loyalty works both ways…we are loyal to our clients and we enjoy their reciprocal loyalty!

To find out about working with Seventy9 call us now on 01536 764745 or via email.


I want my website to both provide more and to convert more leads locally in Corby

If you just work and sell locally then we know what you need to do to attract more customers from Corbyusing your website as the marketing tool.

And so do we! Because if your website is performing well, that means that you are generating more business and this in turn will mean that you will need more help from Seventy9 in other areas to service all of your new customers!

We constantly analyse each and every one of our client's websites. We use tools such as Google Analytics and 'whosvisiting' to ensure that your website is performing to its maximum potential.

For example, if the site is losing traffic at the checkout stage, we will find out why that's the case and recommend (and then implement) the necessary changes.

We know that in most instances companies want to trust their website agency to do what's best for them and we do our best to make our own customers feel that Seventy9 does just that for them.

If you would like to discuss 'anything Internet' we would very much love to hear from you!

You Made It

We are glad that you have found our web page and hopefully we have done enough to encourage you to take the next step and get in touch with us. We will make things really simple and try and move your business forward with you.

David Howes, Director, Client Services Manager

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