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Meet the talented, multi-disciplined designers and marketers of Seventy9. The team who will enhance your brand by working hard for our clients; working with passion, skill and expertise.

David A Howes

Partner, Account Manager

A partner of a Creative Branding Agency since 1998, David has never lost his initial passion for working with clients to create great brands, stunning websites and engaging print brochures.

On top of this he has a good understanding of business in general and is able to assist in problem solving clients issues.

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Shane Webster

Partner, New Business Development

Appreciative of beer and Northampton Town Football Club, Shane is ambitious and enjoys chasing his dreams, particularly on an extremely lazy Sunday.

A family man; father to a six year old and stepfather to a 19 year old - his me time is much needed at the allotment as a fanatical gardener.

Although a fast car motor head, he enjoys the tranquility of water and loves reef snorkeling.

Up at 5am - but might be a lot later.

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Ed Shek

Head of Design

The names Shek, Ed Shek.

Proud father, husband, Scotsman and lover of all things design.

With over ten years of valuable design experience, he's tackled most of the industry's challenges and difficulties. Experience working in London, UK to Melbourne, Australia, now settled in Leicestershire, England.

He's a sucker for gadgets and gizmos. If it's shiny and has lots of components, just take his money…

His greatest discovery to date is Tabasco on pasta, try it.

Key words used regularly: Stunning, booootiful, smart, delicious.

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Iain Doughty

Senior Developer

With over 20 years of experience in the field there isn't much Iain can't accomplish with code, whether for a website or Soviet Russia's newest submarine technology.

Always filling the office with knowledgeable and topical banter, he is an avid wearer of colourful woollen jumpers and has brought back the 70's pornstar haircut with style.

If you see him anywhere there will most likely be a heater on nearby. 30 degrees in the office? Smash that heater on then boys and let's get to it!

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Scott Dixon

Senior Developer

Scott is the Jedi master in the studio. Armed with vast knowledge on web development; he is easily our commander in chief when it comes to urgent technical problems or anything that needs a fix.

A keen enthusiast in table tennis and is seeded 986th in the country. Not so sure where he's ranked for beer pong though…

Realist, and pragmatic in his views. Appreciator of retro gear and has a unique taste in music, which he feels obliged to share amongst the studio.

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Dave Rushton

Lead Developer

Dave is a serious developer by day and a serious gamer by night; fuelled by a passion for technology. LED lights and whey bars.

He started at Seventy9 as a junior developer whilst he finished his university education. He is now the proud owner of a Bachelors Computer Science Honours Degree and the title of Lead Developer.

He loves telling us bad jokes; really bad jokes because he thinks it gets us through the day. Don’t be surprised by his muscular physique either, he doesn’t spend all day in the gym for nothing.

Look under this desk and you will find a stockpile of his whey bars, because that’s the “way” to go ….. oh dear.

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Ben Fordham

Junior Developer

'New Boy' Ben joined Seventy9 as an apprentice and quickly proved worthy to be considered a junior.

With a keen eye for design and the ability to learn quickly, it's a surprise he still dresses like an out of work 90s boy band member.

He's the catalyst for banter in the studio keeping spirits high and his impressive knowledge of Pokemon is invaluable.

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Myfanwy Jones

Junior Developer

Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland; Myfanwy loves to go horse riding and kayaking down the rivers. She also enjoys archery and finding out answers and facts behind the various mythologies of the world, especially when they concern dragons.

Now living in Kettering she is learning to play the accordion.

She studied IT at Tresham College of Further and Higher Education from 2014 to 2016.

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Jo Nicholson

Copywriter/Content Marketing

Jo can normally be found whipping up some great website content, bringing a marketing campaign to the boil, proofing a newsletter or adding some zest to new branding guidelines. She is trying to fatten up the team with plenty of homemade cookies and cake. You must try her Triple Chocolate Cookies!

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Gary West

West Recycling Ltd

From re-branding to building the WRL website "Seventy9" have promised and delivered, They are knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this at excellent value. We at WRL could not be happier with their work, and highly recommend "Seventy9" to anyone looking to grow their business.

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