Seventy9 is a design agency offering creative and practical design solutions for web, print and multimedia.

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Seventy9 offers a personal hosting and email service. If it’s a case that you would like us to host your current website then we can simply arrange the transfer from ‘them to us’. On the other hand, if you do not currently own the domain that you would like (eg, our domain is we can hold your hands throughout the whole process and register, set up and finally host it on your behalf. We can host both your website, email accounts or both.

Once the site is up and running on our hosting provision, we will provide a 24/7 support mechanism. If you require verbal assistance we always answer the phone very quickly from 9 to 5:30 Monday to Friday…if an issue occurs outside of these times it will be flagged and worked on quickly to rectify it.

We boast very little downtime. We also offer very competitive prices as well as bespoke solutions for many of our clients. Please talk to us; we can demonstrate that Seventy9 is your idealservice provider for one of your businesses most important areas, if not THE most important!