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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is part of your every day life; probably without your full attention. Do you know how it affects your business? Do you know how Google affects your website’s ability to be seen by your consumers?

This free seminar aims to provide an insight into the complicated world of PPC strategies, analysis of a plethora of data analytics and the truth about position number one!

Social Media

If Social Media is getting a lot of your attention throughout the day; how is it affecting your business? Do you know which social platforms are best for your business sector?

This free seminar aims to provide an insight into the fast moving world of social media, an overview of how it could help your business, how content creation is a must and the all encompassing advertising!

Business Solutions

Marketing can be one of the most expensive budget lines for SMEs. It can also be one of the most important to ensure you are bringing in the right amount of the right clients for your business.

This session will introduce you to the five simple steps of ensuring that each marketing campaign you run will be as efficient and effective as possible.

Website Design

Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools in your marketing strategy; and many are designed, put live and left. This seminar will look at how your website should be digitally-led by design and create a shop window creating leads whilst you sleep.

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